A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project




Larry Schwitters, Project Coordination

Audubon Vaux's Happening



VAUX'S HAPPENING BIG Saturday 9/10/2011


1. DT LA J. Chapman 6680

2. SF North Bay McNear Brick R. Scalf 4350

3. Rio Lindo B. Benson 4000 6500

4. Healdsburg Elementary

5. Acata Victorian

6. Acata Residence 7th & A

7. Humbolt redwood snag

8. DT San Diego C. Adler zero Friday


1. Lakeside Flynn's Furniture

2. Roseburg Arts Center V. Steves/others 3740

3. Eugene Smith Family Books N. Nielsen-Pincus 4200

4. Lebanon Hotel

5. Corvallis Whiteside Theater Mary Garrard/others 710 990

6. Albany Firehouse

7. Cottage Grove Village Green

8. Bend Old Library K. Boddie 153 330

9. Bend Christmas Presence S/N Esperancilla 163

10. Prineville Episcopal church

11. Salem Sunshine School

12. Silverton Wellman Building

13. Estacada Chiropratic

14. Oregon City new sites J. St. Clair 425

15. Portland Duniway

16. Portland Chapman School

17. Tillamook Wilson School

18. Rainier Carpet One

19. La Grande Foley Building


1. Camas Tavern

2. Bieker Battle Ground Res.

3. Centralia City Hall

4. Fort Lewis JBLM Burney Huff 6995 7875

5. Puyallup Residence not observed
6. Selleck Old Schoolhouse M. Huff/
L. Schwitters 624 650

7. Yakima Tribune R. Repp 13

8. Ellensburg Old Hospital J. Demorest 0

9. Redmond Residence opening capped
10. Monroe Wagner MacRae/Kaufman

11. MSD Administration L. Schwitters/others 180

12. Sedro Woolley ONSH Manns/Johnson/others 15,700

13. Orient Schoolhouse

14. Sumas Old Customs S. Howard 0


1. Moscow Downtown T. Gray 21


1. Hamilton Fire Station K. Stone 1


1. Cumberland D/A Routledge 0



Austin, TX


The Chimney Swifts at Zilker Elementary School just put on quite a show! I was not able to use the email connection on the web site so I'm just sending you a report directly. Here goes:


No. of swifts - several observers obtained counts ranging from 290 to 390. My best guess for a conservative estimate is 360.


Date: Sept. 11, 2011

Time: A few entered as early as 19:45 CDST but the bulk entered between 20:00 and 20:10 (I admit to being so excited I forgot to check the time precisely).

Location: Zilker Elementary School, 1900 Bluebonnet Lane, Austin, TX 78704

Site description: old brick incinerator chimney on outbuilding of school

Weather: 93 F, calm, clear


It was really exciting watching the hundreds of swifts circle before flying into the chimney. Who knew this was happening every night just around the corner from us! We were joined by Jim and LIsa O'Donnell, Victor Emmanuel (!), and a number of Zilker parents who were equally excited by the display. The parents even got Jim's phone number and asked him to talk at a repeat watch for more kids and parents for later this week. We hope the swifts will stick around for that. What fun!


Cindy Sperry



Holland, MI


710 Swifts

8:13 - 8:33 PM


VanRaalte at 13th St.


Clear to partly cloudy

The next few days are predicted to be stormy.

We have seen 3 or 4 birds at three other locations, and we will be having more teams out looking for the rest of the month.


Dave Benedict