A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Dayton, TX

Wow! Tonight was very difficult counting. We "guesstimated"
300+ Chimney Swifts going to roost in the rice dryer in Dayton tonight. They swirled in large numbers until just at dark then streamed in too fast for us to get a true count. We look forward to having more "counters" on Saturday night at our "Swift Night Out" beginning at 7:45.

The Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club will be hosting a "Swift Night Out" on Saturday, August 9 at the Legend Bank in Dayton starting at 7:45 pm. In addition to counting chimney swifts that fly into the old rice dryer, the Bird Club will supply information and refreshments.

We meet at the northeast corner of Hwy 321 and FM 1960 in the bank parking lot. Bring binoculars and lawn chairs.

Barbara Tilton,  Liberty County

Clinton, TN

8 Chimney Swifts / 8:37 pm EDT / August 8, 2008
Nesting in hollow trees in old cemetery behind my house
Thank You,  T. A. Lane

Rochester, NY

11 Chimney Swifts
8:10 - 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time / 8/8/08
Charlotte High School
Location is an urban school with a single large unused chimney, 1 mi from Lake Ontario (to the north) and 1/2 mile away from the Genesee River (to the east).
Weather: light rain earlier in the day but the span covered had only overcast skies with breaks in the clouds. Light wind off the lake.

This was my first Swift Night Out!   Kimberly Sucy

Travis County, TX

Numbers have been climbing over the week.  Tonight we had 220 swifts enter the Castle Tower on Travis Audubon's  Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary.  The first bird entered at 8:15 PM and the last bird entered at 8:45 PM.  A Great Blue Heron was also seen flying over during the count...

Georgean and Paul Kyle, TAS Sanctuary Stewards

Palm Shores, FL

Location: US 1 and 404 -Pineda Causeway, Palm Shores, FL 32935.
Chimney at top of 2 story house, just before dusk. There had been rain and thunderstorms in the area most of the day and night before. Temps in high 70's due to rain conditions.
Only 2 birds seen bugging and return to chimney.
Must make a wonderful comment though: This is the first year out of 5 that the swifts have returned and actually fledged their young successfully at this spot. They started earlier this year and I do think the dry conditions we had prior to fledging helped the nest stay intact. Prior to fledging, the 2 birds would meet up with others ...up to 8...bugging, entering the nest, bugging, etc. Once the young fledged, I have only seen the original two.
Most years in the past we would have heavy rain and it would dislodge the nest into our fireplace. I would raise the birds to feathers and take them across the street to the wildlife center. Last year the nest fell while we were away. There were 5 birds, where in the past there had only been 3. 4 died on impact. The one that was alive, I rushed across the street. This year I padded the entire fireplace with crunched up newspaper to soften their fall and hopefully have a better survival rate. Luckily it was not needed. The nest never dropped.! I have noticed in other areas close to here at dusk there is a higher concentration of swifts, just by their chattering. There is also a higher density of structure for them to congregate at. My location is on the river where there are few chimneys and no other tall structures.

Florence, AL

Number: 12
Time: 7:30 - 8:15 pm
Date: August 8
Location: Florence, AL
Description: Chimney on residence
Weather: clear, 76, light breeze, rainy the previous day

We've had Chimney Swifts nesting in our chimney almost as long as we've
lived here. I counted 20 flying overhead on August 1. There must be at
least another uncapped chimney in our neighborhood. When 12 birds had gone
into our chimney, two more birds made several passes over the chimney.
Apparently it was too full to suit them and they disappeared. I also counted
8 on August 3.

Sydney Harper

Kewaunee, WI

Number of Birds: 140
Time: 2025 to 2037 CDT
Date: 08/08/08
Location: Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Brief Description: Old brewery smoke stack.
J. J. Goodwin
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Morehead City, NC

Around 500 birds counted at West Carteret High School, Morehead City, NC, 8:36 PM EST. 83 degrees, clear night. Location at abandoned chimney. Were still circling in the dark after count ended. Located on the coast, residential setting.

Douglass Swanson

Stonewall, NC

NEW SITE; Pamlico Middle School, Stonewall, NC , 8:30 PM EST. 85 degrees, clear night. Location at chimney, main building. Approximately 300 birds. Located near the Neuse River, approx. 30 east of New Bern, rural setting

Douglass Swanson