A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Bellaire, TX

On Tuesday, 7/28, we counted 334 Chimney Swifts entering the chimney at Pershing! Wow! We also counted 5 at Whole Foods.

On Thursday, 7/30, we counted 110 Chimney Swifts at St Paul's. (We did arrive a few mintues late, so we might have missed a few.)

The sun is setting earlier, so we are meeting about 8:00 - 8:10 pm. Please join us this Tuesday evening at Whole Foods or Pershing.

I'm also giving a free presentation at the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire this Wednesday evening about Chimney Swifts. I will discuss their fascinating lives as well as our conservation efforts in the Houston area. The presentation is at 7 pm and open to the public. The Nature Discovery Center is at 7112 Newcastle, Bellaire TX 77401 and www.naturediscoverycenter.org.

Pam Smolen

Liberty County, TX

Tonight 3 of us counted 173 chimney swifts as they went to roost. This same
week last year we counted 300.

Barbara Tilton, Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club

Haines City, FL

We 1st saw the birds on August 1st, and were amazed. We thought they were bats until a neighbor told us what they were. We have been watching them almost all week...They were still there last night. (Thursday).....We counted one night and there were over 60.........It is our neighbors chimney.

Tina Thomas

Oxford, CT

Numbers: I counted 230 swifts, however, I may have missed a few. They had already started going in.
Time: 7:45 - 8:30 PM Eastern GMT 5
Date: 8/7/09
Location: Route 67 Oxford, Connecticut
Type: Center Elementary School
Old brick building with a large center brick chimney stack.
Weather: Clear evening 75 degrees.

Lisa Vaccaro

Elkhart, IN

August 7, 2009

8:35 pm to 9:10 pm EDT
Sundown was 8:54 pm
65 and overcast, rain sprinkles
414 swifts going into the old Rice School brick chimney  -  a record for us

Doris Stickel and David Stokely

Garland, TX

I am reporting on the swifts that are nesting/roosting in our residential chimney.
Friday, Aug. 7, 2009
8:30 pm
4 Chimney Swifts
Residential Chimney in Garland, TX
88*F, Clear, Wind 4 mph ESE, Dewpoint 68*, Humidity 51%

Sandra Gail Dyess

Emlenton, PA

Date: 8/7/2009
Place: Crawford Center (former school building), Emlenton, PA 16373
Time: 8:00-8:50 p.m. EST
Number: 1,000-1,500
Weather: overcast
Counters: Gary Edwards, Jim Wilson
This is a traditional swift site, counting is hampered because some that enter the chimney early seem to leave the chimney before entering for the evening. At about sundown, we were at ~400 entering singly or in groups of 2-5. Then ~100 seemed to leave the chimney & continue circling. The number that entered in the final 5 minutes is impossible to count with any precision, hence the estimate.

Gary Edwards

Summerville, SC

Approx. 100 birds
8:15-8:35 pm ET
Summerville, SC 29483 (Dorchester County)
Approx 30 ft tall masonry fireplace attached to a three story residence near Central and Carolina Aves.
Weather clear though it had rained about 3 hours earlier. Mid-90s during the day, around 80 degrees at
9:00 pm

This is the first time I have ever tried to count a large flock of birds and I failed miserably. I could not count them as they entered the chimney because of the angle from the ground and because they blended in to the large oak tree behind the chimney. I'm guessing around 100 because I took pictures as they congregated. In the last picture before they started entering the chimney I can count 50 birds, but I can only see the back half of the house. They were circling the house for 15 minutes in a dense cloud, so I'm assuming there were at least that many more birds on the other side of the house and outside the frame of the picture.

We have been hearing chittering and chattering in the chimney for weeks and guessed we had birds or bats. Yesterday my son and I happened to be in the front yard around 8:10pm and saw the birds congregating, circling the house, darting in complex patterns, chattering as they flew. We thought they might be bats but had to come inside because of the approaching thunderstorm so we didn't witness the descent into the chimney. A Google search on chimney bats led me to your website, where I discovered the identity of these amazing birds. Tonight I went outside by myself around 7:30 and watched the spectacle, from the first few coming home, flying away, coming back with more birds, leaving again, until suddenly around 8:15 the sky above the house began filling with birds. They all got very quiet as they started entering the chimney around 8:25, and all but a few stragglers were inside by 8:35. When I listened near the chimney inside the house around 9:00pm all was quiet and you'd never know 100 or so birds were in there. We have owned this house for 8 years and occupied it for 6 years. I know we've heard things in the chimney in previous years but I never noticed this event before so I have no idea how long the birds have been using the chimney or how many we may have had in the past. I will definitely watch more closely in the future.

Eileen Lutzow

Orchard Park, NY

report date: Fri Aug 7, 2009
number of birds: 31
location: Orchard Park Middle School,
time: 8:40 - 8:50 pm EDT
weather: high clouds, winds calm, 66 F
Jean Miller