A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas

August 7, 2005 - Thirteen of our Sperry-Galligar Audubon followers
decided to have a Swift's Night Out this evening. It was ahead of
suggested August 12-14 window but we needed an excuse to visit Braum's
for ice cream before the count!

We broke up into four parties and revisited the places we visited last
Fall. The total count in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas, for
tonight was 241 Chimney Swifts entering chimneys at 5 different
locations. All the birds entered brick chimneys - two buildings had two

Time approximately 8:15 P.M. to 8:45 P.M., Central Daylight Savings Time
Temperature about 81 degrees F with mostly clear skies.

1) Westside Elementary School, 5th & Miles = 92
2) First United Methodist Church, 5th & Pine = 80
3) South Broadway Baptist Church, Quincy & Broadway = 2
4) Old Atkinson Armature Works (Closed), Rose & Locust = 11
5) Old Washington School (Closed), Rose & Euclid = 56
*Atkinson Armature (4) and Washington School (5) are about one block apart.

We plan to visit these sites again over the next two months.

Bob Mangile
Sperry-Galligar Audubon

Clemmons, NC

Glad to participate in the swift count.
8:30-8:45 pm EST
Old Clemmons school, cor. US158 and Stadium Drive
Clemmons, NC
Old school site, now used as a wholesale furniture store
Hot and humid 85o

Toronto, Ontario

Number of swifts counted: ~30 in the air, but only 1 into the chimney I was watching
Time: 8:00-8:45 p.m., EDT
Date: August 12, 2005
Location/site: a Buddhist temple near the corner of Vaughan Road and St. Clair Ave., Toronto, Ontario; brick building with a brick chimney
Weather: partly cloudy, humid but not too warm (about 23 C)
I have seen more swifts enter this chimney in the past, but only saw one go in this evening. I have no idea where the other 30 or so that were flying around over my back yard are spending the night.
Hope you find this helpful!

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone

Chapel Hill, NC

observed on Aug. 12, 2005, ~8:30 pm Chapel Hill, NC.

at Battle Hall (Univ. of N. Carolina campus), on Franklin St. (across
from Post Office) about 300 Swifts going to roost, chimney at rear of

**Rob Gluck Chapel Hill, NC.

Kenosha, WI

Greetings! My husband, James, and I counted chimney swifts last night and we have the following information to report:

  • Number of swifts counted: 69
  • Time (and time zone): 7:25 - 8:25 p.m. CDT (sunset was 7:58)
  • Date: 8/12/05
  • Location: First United Methodist Church, 919 60th Street
  • Address: city, state/province: Kenosha, WI
  • Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.: chimney of church built in the early 1900s
  • Weather conditions may also be reported: overcast, temps in the high 70s
We live next door to the church, and we have a great view from our roof. We have been watching the swifts since June, and there are fewer now than there were then. When they used to roost, they would make a true hurricane formation. Now there aren't enough to create that effect.
Most of the birds (30) entered the chimney between 7:58 (sundown) and 8:10.
We had a lot of fun doing the count! We hope a lot of people send you information.
Lisa Danielson Twomey

Pontiac, SC

We revisited the roost referenced below, Friday, August 12, 2005 at 7:45 PM EDT, and counted 25 Chimney Swifts flying about the former roost. They did not seem to enter, however, and disappeared before 8:15.
We suspect, but could not be sure, that they have moved to a Swift tower constructed a few years ago ~ a quarter mile north. We were disappointed, but we tried.
The weather was partly overcast, a thunderstorm was in progress a few miles west. The temperature was about 80 degs. F., with light wind from the thunderstorm.
Steve C. Dennis
Julie Wilking

Pontiac, SC: roost chimney at the old two-story office building at Clemson University's Sandhills Experiment Station near Pontiac, SC. ... The coordinates are 512338 East, 3776556 North (Universal Transverse Mercator, Zone 17 North, Datum NAD1983, CONUS).

Newton Falls, Ohio

Number of Swifts: 4
Time: ~8:00pm est
Date: 8/13/05
East River Rd.
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444
Broad Description of site: Township residence in Old house chimney
Weather: 80's Cloudy w/ approuching storm

Cornwall, ON

2 Chimney Swifts
2018 EST
13 August 2005
St. Andrews R.C. Church
ST. Andrews West, ON
Chimney on stonework church
Unlimited visibility / 4000 ft. broken (9/10 cloud)
Paul R. Hansen
2145 Concorde Avenue
Cornwall, ON
K6H 7E2

Chaetura Canyon, Travis County, TX

Aug 12  -  North Tower:  98
Aug 13  -  North Tower:  124
                 The Castle:  74
Aug 14  -  North Tower:  153
                 The Castle:  65

Memphis, TN

On August 13, 2005, I observed approximately 465 Chimney Swifts entering the
chimney at Snowden School, corner North Parkway and McLean in Memphis, Tenn.
(Midtown Memphis) Hours were from 7:35 to 8:15. Carolyn Bullock